“ Those who travel have chosen the wind as their craft ”

Located on the Trentino shore of Lake Garda, Riva is characterised by a historical centre, which bears more ressemblance to that of a Mediterranean seaside town than to that of a mountain resort. The Mediterranean climate, the extensive, sunny free beaches and the enchanting view are the ingredients that make Riva del Garda your destination for an unforgettable experience.
A holiday here can encompass hundreds of different sporting and culinary experiences, including sailing, windsurfing, walking, cycling, mountain biking, tennis and rowing, as well as visits to wine cellars, oil mills and excellent typical restaurants.
 The climate favours typical Mediterranean vegetation: lemons, olives, laurels and palms, a true Mediterranean oasis at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. 
The centre of Riva del Garda is fascinating for art and architectural works, evidence of ancient history and a past rich in art and culture; while its outskirts enchant fans of every kind of sport and the "good life".

The welcome we offer here at the Maffei Apartments, situated between the shore of Lake Garda and the slopes of Monte Brione is refined yet homely at the same time. We can offer you maximum comfort and innovation, together with a warm Italian family welcome.

Stay in our brand new apartments and come and visit us in our restaurants (www.ristorantepizzeriamaffei.com) in the historic centre of Riva del Garda.


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